Illinois Covenants Not to Compete Act

The proposed “Illinois Covenants Not To Compete Act” was re-introduced on January 12, 2011 in the same form as it was introduced last year. This bill has not attracted significant public attention or commentary, but we will monitor it and report on significant developments.
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Peter A. Steinmeyer and Jake Schmidt recently published an updated and expanded guide to drafting enforceable non-competition agreements in Illinois, addressing the Illinois Appellate Court’s Sunbelt Rentals decision and the proposed “Illinois Covenants Not to Compete Act.”
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A bill recently introduced in the Illinois House of Representatives, the “Illinois Covenants Not To Compete Act,” would substantially alter the law regarding non-competition agreements in Illinois. In most respects, it would limit the enforceability of no-competes and make them easier for individuals to challenge. However, in certain respects, the bill would make no-competes easier to enforce.
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